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Specialist Translation software enabling Wholesalers and Dropshippers to convert Product Data into ‘Marketplace’ Complient files ready for online retail destinations.

Catalog Transformer for Wholesale Conversion

Wholesale Catalog Transformer is an ‘Enterprise Software’ solution, delivering high performance data transformation and retail data processing with a high degree of scalability to meet the ever changing demand of Wholesale and Dropping providers.

Purpose-Built Transformation Engine

It's got enterprise-class processing functions and operational flexibility to create  on-demand ‘Marketplace Enabled’ files from Warehouse Management Systems, Inventory Management Systems, ERP Systems, Database Exports through to Spread sheets and XML Feeds.

Key Features

Advanced Mapper & Transformer

'Data Driven' mapping combined with exceptional flexibility and functionality with ease of use.

High Performance

Built on a 'Technology Stack' that has a proven track record of processing 'high volume' and 'business critical' data for Blue-Chips, Manufactures, Retailers and 3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PL's)

Any-To-Any Format Conversions

Rapid and Accurate Conversions of 'Structured Business Data' including EDI, XML, CSV, TAB, Semi Colon, PIPE, EXCEL, IDOCS, HTML.

Custom Business Rules

Apply 'Custom Business Rules' for Inventory Re-Pricing, Skip Processing for Discontinued or Back-ordered Products, New Arrivals

Merge Multiple Data Files

Merge Key related data spread across Multiple Data Sets/ File Exports into Master Files based on EAN/UPC, MPN, GTIN or SKU Codes

HTML Formatting (Product Descriptions)

Combine Multiple Data Elements with Marketplace Complient HTML Code to create more Complete Product Listings

Data Enrichment

Enrich and Complement existing Data with Additional Data Required for Online Trading