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Many Online Retailers have access to raw product data in the form of Drop Shipping Catalog or Industry Specific Product Data but are unsure on the process of  ‘turning data into money’ – Sales.

Turning Dropshipping Data into Sales

Sales in relation to Dropship data are made through the mass conversions of thousands of SKU's (Stock keeping Units) into product listings for suitable Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or company Webstores.

Unlocking this raw dropship data into a suitable format for mass listing leads to a unique data problem; ‘Data Mis Match’. Only when the data is provided in the exact format, structure and abides by specific data rules, can it be accepted for creating listings and in turn increase sales generation.

Data ‘Mis Match’ poses a major roadblock in generating the required increase of new online sales. To remedy this occurrence, custom data feeds are employed to meet each client’s unique dropshipping data conversion requirement.

Custom Dropshipping Datafeeds

Specialist expertise is required to create flexible and robust solutions that unlock and process large volumes of SKU’s efficiently, while creating a standardised look (presentation and brand image) from raw drop ship source data stored in various formats/ structures.

Why Consider Custom Dropship Builds?

Bespoke Format-to-Format Dropship Conversions (Advanced Mappings)

Many systems and platforms are limited on importing in either a ‘fixed format’ or ‘fixed structure’. This poses a huge problem if the raw dropship data provided does not match the systems requirements. An illustration would be raw drop ship data presented as XML and the system/ platform only has the facility to import in CSV or EXCEL.

Customised Operational Processing for Dropship Data

Client may require certain data extracted and presented in a particular manner to make listings optimised or more relevant for buyers. Typically this occurs for bullets/ key points, detailed titles, more detailed descriptions and item specifics.

Branded Look/ Image

A clean and consistent look in the presentation of all products is a key factor in buyers choosing your product over the competitions. Mass SKU conversions with a standardised presentation will enhance your long-term image.

Logic Processing for Dropship Data (Business Rules)

Typically Drop Ship and Industry Specific Product Data may or may not contain details on ‘Quantity Levels’. Clients may require a default virtual stock level listed (i.e. 50 units) or where quantities are used; processing logic to skip qualities listed as a negative value (re-stock or re-order) or zero (no stock).