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Custom Wholesale and Dropship data feed solutions that are designed to integrate into WebStores with Marketplaces.(eBay, Amazon, and Sears)

Sellers using Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon,, Sears, etc. may have the same need to process the same drop shipping data source that would be sent to Web stores but they need it processed in a different manner than just a straight forward feed (data conversion)to suit the Marketplace they are listing on.

Product Listing Directly from Dropship Product Data

Many Marketplace Sellers are choosing to streamline their operations and reduce costs by directly bypassing the use of systems (Stock & Inventory Management, e-Fulfilment, Multi-Channel) and carry out the data conversion directly from the drop shipping datafeed (excel, csv, xml or Tab delimited)  into ‘Product Listings’ for a given marketplace while applying specific processing logic relevant to their business requirements with customised formatting for presentation (html).

Options for sellers when leveraging dropshipping data feeds with ‘custom data feeds’ is limitless. Differences between a ‘generic’ data feed and a ‘custom’ data feed is the generic feed provides a one for one conversion of the data but the ‘custom feeds’ provides the data conversion but makes the data more relevant for the sellers requirements.

Making Dropship Product Data More Relevant

Specific processing logic makes the original drop shipping datafeed purposeful to the each individual Seller for generating sales on Marketplaces. This aspect in unique to every seller as individual requirements differ. Typical examples of customised processing logic are:

Low and High Price Filters

Products listed in Dropshipping data feeds that are too low or too high in price for the Seller for the Seller to generate good Margins are filtered out. Why pay listing fees for goods that will be hard to generate healthy margins on.

Product Category Filters

Certain products or Product ranges might not be of interest to the Seller business. Specific filters remove these products or ranges from processing so product listings are not created for these products saving on time, insertion and listing fees.

Pre-Set Markups

A present margin is added to the Drop Shipping Datafeed price for Each Product, so products are never sold under the Dropship price by the Seller.

HTML/CSS Formatting

The description fields in Drop Shipping datafeeds are usually formatted in html, but Sellers may want a more customised ‘Description’ field with added elements to differentiate listing from other sellers using the same data source. Typical enhancements would be


Pre-Set Overrides

There may be certain circumstances that the data provided in the Drop Shipping Data feed is accurate but it does not meet the requirements of the business.  A typical example would be the Drop Shippers delivery time of 4-5 days but the Seller requires to list as 2 days Dispatch. The difference is 2-3 days and that could be a factor that adversely affecting sales.

These are just some examples of how Sellers are applying ‘Custom Processing Logic’ and ‘Formatting’ to Drop Shipping Data feed’ making data suitable for their Selling requirements while reducing their data burden.